My Experience Starting Out as an Escort

Working as an escort is not for everyone but it can be a good way to pay off debts or college loans when you are young.

I started working as an escort when I was going to college. I needed to pay off my student loan and I didn’t have a lot of time to work a full time job while studying. Escorting seemed like a logical option.

I started working in a massage parlor. I was told to dress sexy, so I always showed up in lingerie. I had invested in a few outfits, some body suits, a couple of teddies, some bra and panties sets, even some fetish lingerie for variety.

At first, all I did was massage. It was okay. I never had to touch the guy’s genitals and they kept coming back. I think they just liked the conversation and thought I was a good masseuse.

Then my boss explained to me that I could make even more money if I started giving them happy endings. I tried it and I started to earn a lot more money. I split the hourly rate with my boss 60/40 and a lot of the time I earned close to $3,000 a week.

I had a lot of regular clients that were minor celebrities, rich old dudes, athletes and more.

Today, I don’t work at the massage parlor anymore, but I still have a steady clientele of seven clients. I don’t look for any more work. I am okay with what I have. I make good money in my spare time, but I am also interning so that I can move forward in my ‘real career’.

For me, escorting was never traumatic. It was always a fun and pleasant experience, but I know a lot of girls who weren’t as lucky as me.

For some girls, drugs are involved and that can always get ugly. Other girls end up getting in dangerous situations which can happen if you’re working on the streets or for an agency that doesn’t take the time to check out their clients.

A lot of agencies are desperate for escorts so be sure to find one that takes care of the girls and keeps them safe.

That being said, there are plenty of girls who have good escorting experiences. They end up feeling worshipped and adored and some of them wonder why they have ever been doing this for free! A lot of them also end up forming lasting relationships with their johns.

If you are thinking of escorting, there are a lot of things to consider, but it can be a rewarding experience for some people. Just be sure you are in a safe atmosphere and that you feel comfortable doing what you’re doing. That way you can make escorting a great way to earn money to help you with your short term goals.

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