Finding the Best Escort Lingerie

If you work as an escort, the lingerie you choose can really affect the satisfaction of your client. Every client has different tastes and it may be impossible to know what each one will want before you meet them. Some may want fantasy role play, others may be more into fetish and S&M. Unless they make requests in advance it may be impossible to find out.

However, here are a few items of sexy lingerie that no escort should be without.

Babydoll Lingerie: Babydoll lingerie is usually some type of bra and panties with a sheer midsection that drapes over the panties giving the illusion of a long top or short dress. Some may be fly away with a split up the middle to expose the naval region. These are great items as they are flattering and sexy but also provide enough coverage so that you don’t feel completely naked in front of your client.

Teddy: These are one piece items constructed like a traditional bathing suit. They usually feature snaps at the crotch for easy access. They can be made of lace, silk, satin or leather. While these items are fun and sexy, they can be difficult to get off if full nudity is required.

Push-up Bra: There’s no doubt about it. Cleavage is in! A push up bra will lift up your breasts to enhance the cleavage area making your chest appear larger and perkier. When choosing a push up bra to wear for your clients, go for ones that are colorful, lacy, sheer or plain black.

Panties: There are many different types of panties you can wear for your clients and there is no telling which one he or she will prefer. However, when it comes to sexy lingerie, thongs are usually a favorite. These panties provide coverage in the front but have a strap going up the back to provide a full view of your backside.

Other types of panties include:

  • Cheekies: These are like thongs but provide a bit more material in back.
  • Bikini: Just like the bottom halves of most 2 piece bathing suits, these provide full coverage in the back and front but are high cut with a thin strap of elastic around the waist.
  • Boy shorts: These are fashioned after men’s shorts and provide the maximum coverage of all panties. Though thought of as less sexy than some other styles, they can provide a cute girl next door look and can be especially enticing if they are lacy or sheer.

An escort’s job is not easy and finding the right lingerie can be challenging. However, if you are prepared with a bag of some standard pieces, it is likely your will find something that turns your client on. Good luck finding something that arouses and entices.

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