Do It Outdoors Roleplay Scenarios

Remember when you were young, and you weren’t allowed to bring your boyfriend into your bedroom? You would do it just about anywhere. In a car, on a beach…even on a park bench.

Now that you are older, there is probably a bit more at stake if you’re caught having sex outdoors, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have the same appeal. Feeling the fresh air on your naked skin and knowing you could be caught at any minute is as exciting as ever.

So, how are you going to recreate these roleplay scenarios without risking an embarrassing arrest? Here are some ideas.

The scenarios can vary. You can pretend you are two kids who don’t know where to go but feel as if they need to scratch that itch. They can explore their options until they find a solution.

In other cases, maybe two people can encounter each other in an outdoor location. Perhaps they are hiking in the woods or on a mountain and are instantly attracted to each other and feel they are isolated enough to get naughty.

The scenario you choose is up to you but playing it out will set the scene for an exciting night of roleplay.

From there, you can leave the windows open to feel that fresh air on your skin and even bring in the element of getting caught. After all, I’m sure the neighbors aren’t far away!

An outdoors scene is just one of many sexy role play ideas you can bring into your bedroom. Which will you be trying on for size tonight?

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