6 Types of Escort Work

Escorting is one of the oldest occupations in the world and it is also one of the most controversial. Some think it is shocking for women to sell their bodies while others think it’s empowering and a good way to make money. Some find escorting to be an important service to the community.

If you are thinking escorting could be a good way for you to make extra cash but feel a bit compromised by the type of work that you will have to do, you should know that there are many different types of escorting. Find out more about your options to see which you find most suitable.

Independent Call Girls: These girls work for themselves. They stay out of the public eye, charge high prices and keep all their profits.

Escort Agencies: An escort agency will work out of private locations and hotels. They have several escorts working for them. They find the escorts work and split the profits with them. Although escorts may make less money than independent call girls, the hope is that the agencies provide some amount of protection in checking out their clients before allowing them to use their services.

Brothels: These are similar to escort agencies in that they split profits with their workers and find them work. The difference here is that they work out of one central location that usually also features saunas and massage parlors.

Window Workers: This type of prostitution is common in Amsterdam. Here, escorts will dress up in sexy lingerie and sit in front of windows to entice customers to come in. Each window room is single occupancy but there are often shared bathroom and kitchen areas inside. Customers can come in to each room to enjoy private time with the escorts.

Bar or Casino Worker: Popular in Thailand, for this form of escort service, sex workers make initial contact with clients at a bar or casino and then have sex at a separate location. The client will pay ‘bar fees’ to leave the club with the worker and spend several days with him paying the escort’s expenses the whole time.

Streetwalkers: This type of prostitution involves escorts walking the streets to attract random men who may be driving around and looking for sex. This type of work is notoriously dangerous, and women are typically paid very little. Many are fighting for the legalization of prostitution in order to discourage women from engaging in this practice.

No matter what type of prostitution you think is right for you, lingerie will play a big part in getting clients interested. If you are working in a bar and casino atmosphere or as a window worker, you will want to appear in sexy lingerie that may be acceptable for streetwear like teddies, bustiers, bodysuits and corsets.

If you are working for yourself or an escort agency, they may require you pose for pictures dressed in erotic lingerie to advertise your services. Pieces like thongs, bras and babydolls are recommended. Then you will want to follow up in the bedroom with sexy bra and panty sets, fetish lingerie or whatever your client desires.

Escorting is not easy work, but it can be easy money for those who can handle the job physically and mentally. Review your options carefully before making a decision you are comfortable with. Good luck in your endeavors.

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