5 Tried and Tested Bra’s Certain to Get Your Client Happy.

All jobs require that we not only dress the part but optimize client satisfaction. While neither of those things should ever invade or reduce your comfort and pleasure it is certainly a give in that they will increase your profits.

Being an escort is no different. lingerie is a key component. For one, it keeps our body parts looking structured and appealing beneath and without clothes. It boosts our confidence which is great for communicating with clients. It also helps us look the part.

Understanding that lingerie is important makes it so that we know why we add it to our lists of must-haves. However, each piece and choice depend on the client and the theme of the night. In some cases, erotic lingerie in Canada is what you will need, in other cases, you will want something more light.

Either way shopping for lingerie in Ottawa can still be a chore, here are 5 tried and tested bras to consider the next time you buy lingerie online In Canada.

Adele Not to be mistaken for the singer. This bra is a classical and seamless French lace that gives an alluring view of your décolletage while enhancing the curve of your breast.  Priced at $240 she cost a pretty penny but is worth every dime.

Lace Bralette from Anine Binge puts a smile on everyone’s face. This number is perfect for wearing with a jacket or underneath a top. The perfect combination of alluring and support is sold for $99.

Segur Satin-trimmed Lace and Tulle Underwired Bra by Chantelle sell for a steal at $48. This number is a classic style that promises comfort and support. The teasing lace is a great spin on this and certain to earn you some appreciative smiles.

Satin Scooped Balconette Bra by Fleur du mal is another classic design that you can never go wrong with. This red number screams sexy with a secret. Selling now for $108.

Houndstooth Embroidered Balconette Bra this deeply embroidered detail is sure to get you the right push up look while accentuating what exists. Whit adjustable straps for convenience and comfort. This number is an easy sell out at $148.

Have you tried any of these, if so what would you recommend for others who want to buy lingerie in Canada?

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

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